Service Time Change

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Beginning Sunday, January 20th, our Sunday morning schedule will look like this:

9:15 – 10:15 Sunday School
10:30 – 11:45 Worship

Our elders and deacons have been carefully considering this for some time now and feel that even a simple change like this helps us more effectively accomplish parts of our vision to reach the lost, grow as a family, and worship more effectively in multiple ways:

1. It frees us to connect with our visitors after worship. Right now the majority of our well-connected people head off to Sunday School directly after worship (which is wonderful), but we leave our visitors on their own.

2. It frees the leaders to be available to the congregation after worship.

3. It allows us to leave with one unified focus and challenge.

4. It protects an entire hour for class if the service goes long.

5. It mentally frees the teachers to focus on worship instead of thinking ahead to the class they’re about to teach.

6. It allows visitors to come into to a full house, which is always nice.

7. It allows people to invite the unconnected out to lunch.

8. It allows Children’s Ministry volunteers to be better prepared for visiting families.

9. In the case of delay from inclement weather, class could be cancelled but the service unaffected.

10. Lunches and other fellowship opportunities would follow directly after the service and encourage people who would otherwise not stay through class to attend.

Author: Tim Buczek