Pastor’s Reflection::Annual Report

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This year was a season of building for our church as those who strive to become fully devoted disciples of Christ—those who love God, love people, and help others do the same. We kicked off the ministry year with our “Re:Member” series, focusing on what it means to be a healthy part of the Body of Christ.  We also set several goals to see new ministries begin through several key initiatives—each of which have exceeded our expectations!


More than that, in the last 12 months, Hilltowners brought the hope of the gospel to the Ozarks, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Ukraine, Kenya, Bangladesh, Philadelphia, to our own neighborhoods, workplaces, and more.  How humbling it is to look back on all He has done through us!


Where we put our attention last year

1. Young Adult Ministry (Edify)   Under Dan Schwartz, our Young Adult Ministry has grown from a group of 6-8 to now 35+ actively involved, spiritually engaged, brothers and sisters in Christ.  What a blessing it is to sit among this group as they shake the walls of our house in worship! It’s no surprise that our young adults are the fastest growing part of our church family.


2. MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)   Delene Churchill and her team of servant-hearted women have worked hard to provide a loving environment where moms can connect, learn, and encourage one another as they change the world one life at a time by loving our little ones like Jesus does.  What a blessing to hear them asking for more space, more help, more resources in order to reach more women than they had originally anticipated!


Where we’re putting our attention this year

1. Loving God   We are going to focus on prayer—corporately and personally, both planned and spontaneous.  We desire to be a people who are increasingly dependent upon the Lord, so prayer will be a major focus of our leadership, our preaching, and our time as a family.


2. Loving People   We are going to focus on Small Groups—increasing involvement and equipping our groups to become gospel-communities where the truth of God’s holiness and grace is lovingly applied to needy hearts.  This year we are going to better the way we a) integrate new people, b) train leaders, and c) care for our church through small groups.


3. Helping Others Do the Same   We are going to focus on Local Mission.  This year, we are going to a) launch a Local Mission Team as soon as possible (people passionate about reaching the lost to help us identify ways we can reach Bucks County), b) offer several venues for evangelism training, and c) host two major outreach events that help our church family connect to our community and help our community connect to Jesus.


Some Fun Numbers

4 – Professions of faith in Jesus

4 – Recommitments to Jesus

6 – New small groups started

68 – Hilltowners joined a small group this year

200 – Hilltowners are regularly engaged in a ministry somewhere in or outside of the church

47 – Hours our elders spent together in prayer and discussion over us and our ministry

Author: Beverly (Cookie) Baker