Jesus’ gospel changes lives. Listen as Tim explains our passion to love God, love people, and help others do the same.




When do you meet?
Sunday 9:15am – Sunday School
Sunday 10:30am – Worship
Wednesday 7pm – Various Midweek Ministries


What should I expect when I visit? 
Many people describe Hilltown as a place that embodies a deep sense of family and connection, and we believe you’ll find that to be true, receiving a warm welcome any time you come through our doors.

Our goal is to be a Christ-centered and culturally-relevant community, consistently seeking to apply the timeless truths of God’s Word to everyday life.

Your kids will be cared for. There’ll be a place for you to meet others and to learn and grow together. We’ll welcome you without making you feel awkward. And we hope that you’ll continue to come and feel more comfortable. We’ll seek to answer your questions, but we won’t overwhelm you.

How should I dress?
You won’t find Hilltown to be hung up on clothing or style. Some dress casually while others wear their “Sunday best.” As long as our clothing doesn’t distract from worship or is dishonoring to the God we serve, we have little concern about it.

Will I be asked to give?
Giving is a matter of the heart. In many services the congregation is given the opportunity to participate in an offering, but no one person is ever put on the spot. If you’re new, feel free to pass the plate to the next person and you’ve no reason to feel awkward. If you feel you want to give, that’s great—we know that our giving is another act of worship to our great God! The Scriptures say that when we give, we should give with joy and not out of compulsion.

Should I take Communion?
The Bible says that participation in Communion is for those who have come to faith in Christ and have come prepared to remember again His sacrifice on our behalf. It has nothing to do with church membership or being from this fellowship. If you are a Christian who has come prepared to worship with others around the Lord’s table, we welcome your participation!

Is your worship style contemporary or traditional?
Our worship is joy-filled, Bible-informed, Christ-centered expression of our love for God. So while some music will be upbeat and contemporary, other selections may be timeless hymns with rich theology. The point is that they express the same message: the greatness of God in the glory of Christ.

How can I become involved?
Hilltown is blessed with a largely involved congregation of gifted people. We believe that when God calls people to Himself, He also gives them gifts for service…the ability to teach, lead, care, encourage, serve. He gives special skills and abilities and a passion to use those abilities for His purposes. If you’re new to Hilltown, come, listen, learn, watch. As you develop relationship with the Church family, you’ll see specific areas where you too can serve. Talk to a Pastor. Volunteer to serve. We’ll help you find a place where you will find the greatest joy in ministering to others when the time is right.

Our Mission:
To glorify God by leading individuals to faith in Jesus Christ and training them to become passionate disciples of His.

The way we accomplish that is by focusing our time and our ministries on three principles: Love God. Love People. Help Others do the Same.